The Church

The Church

The Church is a statewide anti-LGBT hate group, with many members based in the northern Wyoming towns of Buffalo and Sheridan.


Once the new victim is identified by the group, harassment

  • Refusal of the Police Department to take any report from the victim.
  • Refusal of pharmacists to fill prescriptions.
  • Money missing from financial accounts.
  • Vandalism to vehicles.
  • Criminal mischief around the victim’s home and work, including derogatory graffiti.

In a recent study, over 90% of LGBT-owned businesses reported harassment in some form after opening. Many of those businesses choose to


Throughout the 20+ year existence of “The Church”, as it has become known to law enforcement using one name, members also use the following aliases to denote their membership in the hate group:

  • Goddard Scientology
  • First Independent Church of Scientology
  • Goddard’s The Church
  • Civil Conspiracy “Civil Rights”
  • Civil Conspiracy “Trademark Rights”


Supporters of “The Church” number in the thousands from around the United States and the World. You can view a list of supporters or download the file.